Frequently Asked Questions

Can you service and monitor existing alarm systems installed by other companies?

Yes. We can service and monitor most systems, provided the company has not “locked-out” the panel.

What happens if we accidentally set off our alarm system?

Don’t panic! Our first step with a burglar alarm system is to contact you before calling the police. You will be asked to provide a security password which will help prevent unwanted dispatches.

Is your monitoring service local?

Yes. We believe that local is better.

Can I manage my security system from my mobile device?

Yes. Our newer systems allow you to arm/disarm your system with the tap of a finger. Also, you will receive real-time notifications via email or text.

How can I protect my home or business if the telephone line is cut?

AES can install a radio or cellular transmitter, either as a primary or back-up device, to ensure communication to our Central Station in the event of tampering, severing, or an inoperable telephone line.

Can I get a discount on my home owner’s or business insurance policy if I have a monitored alarm system?

Yes. The discount is determined by your insurance carrier. If you are an AES customer, seeking confirmation of insurance to give to your provider, please contact us and we will gladly send them a updated certificate.